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Services and Pricing

Here's what we can do for you...

DFDesignz provides a broad range of Web Development Services to get your site up and running quickly...

From getting your site name registered, to helping you market your site to the various search engines... This is your one stop shop to get your presence out on the web.

All client developments begin with a $50 "site design concept" meeting to discuss what your vision is for your site. Here we decide the various elements that will make up your site and help you to shape your vision into a reality.

Once development begins... we charge a flat rate of $25 per hour for development fees. This includes any graphic designs, image scanning, digital photography, and any other site preparation work (i.e. DNS registrations, web hosting setup, search engine submissions, etc...).

Once your site is fully developed and you are satisfied with the end result, we also offer maintenance services for $25 per month. This service includes 2 hours worth of site update time. Any site update time on pages previously developed beyond the given 2 hours are billed at the standard $25 per hour rate. New development pages during the maintenance phase are also billed at the $25 per hour rate as well.

Here's a summary of our Services and Rate Schedule:

  • $50 - Initial Web Concept Design Meeting
  • $25 per hour - Web Development Standard Rate
  • $25 per month - Monthly maintenance fee (up to 2 hours of site updates)

So that's pretty much it... Simple isn't it?

BTW... we also offer a mobile Personal Computer Maintenance and Upgrade service if you are local to the Indianapolis area. So send us an e-mail if you would like to schedule an appointment for us to come out and troubleshoot your computer or install the latest upgrades.

SERVICE UPDATE: We are also now offering web hosting services for our clients with packages starting at as little as $7.50 per month. For more information on hosting your website, contact us at dfdesignz@hotmail.com.


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